Fly Sheets for Horses

Longer, warmer days mean more horse riding, more turnout time and lots more flies! Here is a run-down of the horse fly sheets that manage irritating insects to keep your horse happy and comfortable!

Best-selling zebra fly sheet

horse fly sheet

Scientifically proven to stop flies from landing on your horse, helping alleviate them from the stress of summer flies! The black and white stripes can eliminate the appearance of the horse’s body edge or reduce the contrast of the horse’s form against the background. This causes the flies to be dazed and confused, deterring them from landing on your horse

If your horse suffers from fly irritation when horse riding, try the Epic Classic Zebra Ride-On, featuring the same proven technology as the Zebra fly sheet – your horse won’t be bothered by flies again! A 2-piece set, consisting of a neck piece and back piece, choose to wear it as an all-in-one or like an exercise sheet.

horse ride on fly sheet

New to 2022 the second best-selling horse fly sheet – Epic Classic Dri-Fly, ideal for the unpredictable summer weather when it’s sunny one minute and raining the next.

horse waterproof fly sheet

Crafted from a 600 denier waterproof ripstop polyester top section with an added DuPont Teflon coating and polyester mesh lower section, offering protection from biting insects and light summer showers.

Some horses can react to insect bites and be allergic to the protein in the saliva of biting insects, this is known as sweet itch. Signs of sweet itch include:

  • severe rubbing or itching
  • broken or inflamed skin
  • hair loss/bald patches with coarse flaky dandruff
Epic Classic Sweet Itch rug offers maximum protection for those horses who suffer from this allergy.

horse sweet itch rug

Created using a durable, light weight polyester with a belly flap and extended neck cover for the ultimate coverage.

Horse fly masks are another great way to protect your horses from the flies, offering coverage to their eyes, ears and nose.

horse fly mask

Epic Classic PVC Mask is ideal for use in the field as it’s crafted from a tough and durable material with anti-rub fleece binding for comfort.

horse fly mask

The Epic Classic Fly Mask is created using a soft, breathable nylon mesh with an opening for the forelock, simply place over the bridle for a fly free hack!

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