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Article: Meet the designer behind the brand

Meet the designer behind the brand

Meet the designer behind the brand

From the founding director to the creative designer, let me introduce you to the designer behind all of our Epic products – I’m Gemma; I joined my mum in 2018 and we became the dynamic mother-daughter duo of TBHS. My mum has been my mentor since I started working with her, she has taught me essential skills in creating size charts and product development whilst passing on her knowledge. With her experience in the industry and my creative flare, we develop and refine her already established designs as well as creating brand new products together.

Prior to working for TBHS I had grown up with my mum owning Inca, Sam; our two donkey’s Barney and Teddy. Inca was the first horse I learnt to ride on from a young age; my mum and I would go hacking in the woods every weekend which I loved; however, I didn’t care much for schooling, I was just a happy hacker and enjoyed spending time grooming and giving them a fuss. When I was 14, I got my first weekend job working for the livery yard owner where our horses were kept, I mucked out all her horses and did general yard duties. My favourite part was giving her horses a fuss and some loving, especially the foals which to my luck there were a few.

What interested you about working for TBHS?

I have always been very creative since childhood, throughout school and college I studied fine art and 3D design; then I went on to studying constructed textiles at Birmingham City University – this is where I fell in love with fabrics, the construction, design and composition of the fabric. My career goal was more focused on the fashion industry; however, I fell into this role designing for TBHS and I have never looked back!

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part is most definitely the whole design process, seeing my designs turn from CADs into real products, my favourite days are when samples arrive, and we go to test them on the horse. It’s very rewarding having products I’ve designed and helped design be sold in our online store – and sharing the experience with the mother makes it even more special.

What’s it like working with family?

Dreadful, don’t do it – I’m only joking, it’s honestly amazing! To be able to be a part of the business my mum established by herself, and grow and develop it further, together, is very special. We are very similar and very close which makes it even better! Although we have a couple (more like a few) of disagreements here and there (at least once a day, at least) I couldn’t imagine not working with her – I love it, mother-daughter dream team!

What’s next for TBHS?

We are expanding greatly this year and I’m very excited! This winter we will be launching two new ranges, a regular fit horse range and our very own clothing range. Our regular fit horse range will start from 5’9 through to 7’6, it will still feature our Epic sized shoulder gusset, depth, tail flap and of course quality! Our clothing range will feature a base layer, breeches and a gilet using technical fabrics to keep you warm and wick away sweat keeping you comfortable whilst you ride. Because we believe everyone should look amazing our sizes will range from UK 8 through UK 20! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the launch dates.


I would just like to say I have a cross Clydesdale / welsh cob who is chunky and I have yet to find a rug to fit her comfortably, well today I am buzzing as it fits like a glove I could cry with happiness, epic-sweet itch rug is everything I have wanted and will be doing more shopping with yourselves for sure thankyou so much
One happy customer here xx💕


I have a 17.1 maxi cob type(unknown breeding) he is in a 7’3 rug and often they look like miniskirts. I will be saving up to get some rugs this year.
I wanted to discuss with you horse boots. So my goof ball managed to become extremely itchy and when biting at his legs he managed to bit a chunk out of his 2 legs and damaged the tendon sheath.
The vet has told me to boot him 24/7 to prevent him doing it again. I have bought and returned so many pairs of boots i thought I would reach out to you and see if you would be interested in helping me out by making some bigger boots that are breathable. I am more than happy for you to use my horse as a model to work from as I’m sure I’m not the only person struggling. The ww turnout boots are an amazing design and if they catered for draught types then I would not be writing this now. I also have issues with lycra hoods and would love a body suit for him but that’s another story
Looking forward to hearing from you soon xx

Emma fifield

Absolutely in love with the head collar I purchased the other day . Could believe how fast it arrived. ordered it on Friday afternoon and was delivered by Saturday afternoon. That impressed Iv bought another ! Fantastic service and products!

Sarah hayton

The Zebra flysheet is the best fit I’ve ever had for my 17hh TB/ID even though he’s not the ‘Big Horse Shop’s’ normal customer. Great quality, fit and customer care 2nd to none. Thankyou

Jackie Garner

Your rugs are just getting better and better, unfortunately I feel the need to get every new colour each year so my two big boys are extremely well dressed. The fit and quality are fabulous and if it wasn’t for you rugs I would not be able to clip my boys and know that I had rugs for every occasion. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the new products when they come out. 😁

Joyce Shearer

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