3 easy steps to a multi-rug-in-one

Our brand new Epic® Classic Liner Rugs enable you to have more use out of one turnout rug - so you can have a single turnout rug that will be suitable for all seasons!

Step 1: Choose your shell

The liner system is made for our Epic® Classic Standard Neck Turnout Rugs which are available with no filling, 50g filling, 100g filling & 200g filling.
To get the most versatility the Epic® Classic No Fill Turnout Rug is the ideal shell to start with!

Step 2: Choose the liner

The Epic® Classic Liner Rugs are designed to fit the turnout rug so you should opt for the same size as your turnout. The liners come with a choice of fillings from 50g, 100g, 200g & 300g.

Step 3: Add the liner to your turnout

Attach your liner rug using the velcro strap by the wither pad - thread this through the D-ring on the inside of your turnout rug. 

Attach the hind of your liner rug with the quick clip to one of the D-rings on the inside of your turnout rug.

Simply chop and change the liners as you please to get a heavier or lighter weighted turnout rug. The great thing about the liners is they can fit into your washing machine as well! 
The Epic® Classic Liner system is cost-affective and time efficient - the new way of rugging!

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