Fly Protection Essentials

A guide to Epic® Fly Protection; everything you need to know on which product is best for your horse.

Epic® Classic Zebra Fly Sheet

Does you horse become bothered & stressed from flies?
Based on the scientific study; the black and white pattern causes the flies to be dazed and confused deterring them from landing. Proven to help alleviate your horse/pony from the stress of summer flies! Created from soft, breathable mesh to help keep your horse cool in the summer heat

Epic® Classic Sweet Itch Rug

Does your horse suffer from sweet itch?
Created using durable, light weight polyester. Our sweet itch rug is great for keeping biting insects at by whilst keeping your horse cool and protected against sun bleaching. Attached neck extending over the ears, with an added extension to eliminate gapping between the rug and hood

Epic® Classic PVC Fly Mask

We’ve taken our original fly mask and improved the material and durability. Now made using PVC mesh, this mask is ideal for turning out in. The covered ears and nose guard offer maximum protection against annoying flies

Epic® Classic Zebra Ride‑On Fly Sheet

Does your horse get irritated and stressed by flies when riding?
Featuring our best‑selling Epic® zebra print to deter flies, and breathable mesh to keep your horse/pony cool. Our zebra ride‑on fly sheet is perfect to help alleviate your horse from the stress of biting insects whilst you ride. A 2‑piece set, including a neck piece and a back piece, you can choose to wear it as an all‑in‑one or as an exercise sheet. Pair with our Epic® Classic Fly Mask for the ultimate fly protection whilst you ride!

Epic® Classic Fly Mask

Does your horse get irritated by flies when riding?
Featuring an opening for the forelock and bridle attachments, this nylon mask is ideal for riding or driving. The covered ears and nose guard offer maximum protection against annoying flies whilst the black mesh offers some protection against the bright sunlight, without impeding the horses vision

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